Our monthly letter signing for human rights defenders around the world.

From 6pm this Tuesday, 24th October, for about an hour.

Java Lounge café is at the Council House end of Colmore Row (no. 124) in the city centre.


From Amnesty UK’s LGBTI group speaker and our former group chair, Simon Ware:

“On behalf of Amnesty UK’s LGBTI network I will speaking on a panel at a showing of the film Mr Gay Syria at the MAC on Sat 28 Oct. There will also be a solidarity card writing session for LGBTI refugees before the performance. Book tickets at link below. https://macbirmingham.co.uk/event/srff-mr-gay-syria-1”.  

Syria’s Disappeared

We watched the documentary made about the remarkable survivors and relatives and friends of victims of Syrian Government torture and atrocities, and their terrible experiences. Men and women campaigning for justice for those who did not survive or who have been left behind in Syrian jails (effectively torture camps) or otherwise forgotten.

There is an Amnesty blog post with links about the film, and the film website

You are warmly invited to our September Meeting where the focus will be:

Human Rights in Syria

Thursday 12th October 2017 at 7:30pm

at Peace Hub, 41 Bull St, Birmingham, B4 6AF

Please note the venue, and that there are stairs up to the meeting room.

We’re pleased to welcome Amnesty International’s country coordinator for Syria to tell us about Amnesty’s latest research into the situation there, particularly in relation to human rights, and to consider how we can continue raising awareness and taking action.

Everyone is welcome to join us – we look forward to seeing you there.

If it’s you first time, why not drop us an email at amnestybrum@gmail.com so that we know to look out for you and to be extra friendly!  If you’d  like to join us for a friendly chat beforehand we’ll be having  a pre-meeting from 7:00 on the ground floor of the Peace Hub,

Event at University of Birmingham 11th October.

Letters at Java Lounge 

Our monthly letter signing for human rights defenders around the world.

From 6pm this Tuesday, 26th September, for about an hour.

Java Lounge is at the Council House end of Colmore Row (no. 124) in the city centre.

A basic level of accommodation should be a right, and homelessness in Britain never allowed to reach the shocking levels apparent in any major city today.Parks, city centre doorways on street after street, bear witness to this neglect for human beings, this disrespect of their lives.

We are back to the days of cardboard city, days which should never have returned.

Please read this piece by Birmingham-born-and-raised writer Lynsey Hanley on what is happening (author also of the incisive social commentary and autobiography of class and education in Britain, “Respectable“). 

Write to your MP, lobby your councillors, contact the Home Office, volunteer for a homeless charity or donate to a charity if you can. Consider your vote, when elections come up, and whether the party you support is really committed to tackling this waste of lives, this blight on society.

Incidentally, don’t blame “the EU”. This problem is of the UK’s own making, years of neglect of housing and more recent austerity-driven, benefits-cuts driven, ideological disregard for human rights.  There’s probably even European funding available through regional development sources or otherwise, if we stayed in, and the likely economic disadvantage of leaving won’t help finances.

Homelessness is a scandal. Don’t keep calm and carry on walking past.


To alert services to a rough sleeper: StreetLink

Your MP: via They Work for You for details.